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It’s important to ECool that our customers have all the facts and are knowledgeable and happy with our service terms. Therefore, all the information regarding the fees, services, licences and terms of use are fully laid out in the following Terms & Conditions pages. We also are committed to preserving your privacy. For information on the methods that ECool uses to protects your data, please see our detailed Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy

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Legal Disclaimer And Copyright

ECool General Terms and Conditions of Service

BY SIGNING UP FOR AND/OR OTHERWISE ACCESSING ANY OF THE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS OFFERED BY ECOOL SOLUTIONS YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THESE AGREEMENTS. THESE TERMS &CONDITIONS SUPERSEDE ALL EARLIER VERSIONS AND REQUIRE MANDATORY ARBITATION OF DISPUTES. Please carefully read these terms and conditions as they describe your legal rights and obligations. This agreement shall become effective as of the date of (1) your electronic signature on or acceptance of this agreement, (2) the activation of your account or (3) your receipt of an e-mail from ECool confirming your order, whichever happens first.


For the purposes of this Agreement:

"ECool's Equipment" shall mean computer and telecommunications device, Internet access and/or transmission rights owned, operated, and/or maintained by ECool and/or ECool's agents or assigns which function to provide the ECool Services.


"ECool" "us," "we, "our" and grammatical variants thereof shall collectively refer to ECool Solutions, a business organized and existing under the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia, ABN 46 414 273 775 and its assigns and successors in interest.


"ECool Services" shall mean the products and services provided by ECool at any given time, including but not limited to web hosting, e-mail, domain registration, web project, and any associated support services, which services may be changed, amended, and/or otherwise altered at any time in ECool's sole discretion.


"ECool Software" shall mean any software provided by ECool at any given time, whether downloaded to your computer, provided to you on CD or another form of removable media, or utilized online as part of the ECool Services. The ECool Software includes the program and any all copies or portions thereof, whether standing alone or in combination with other programs, as well as the documentation and other materials delivered in connection with the software, if any.


"Bandwidth" shall refer to the rate of data transmission in bits per second using ECool's Equipment.


"Content" shall mean the downloadable files which are interpreted by a client web browser for display with or without plug-ins.


"Customer Service" shall refer to communication from us to you dealing with problems or questions relating to services provided by us to you.


"Fee" shall mean monies and other consideration you are obligated to pay to ECool for the right to use the ECool Services and Bandwidth subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of the particular ECool Services for which you have registered, as outlined on the then-current schedule of fees. Fees may be changed at any time on thirty days notice.


" Fee Schedule" shall mean the fees for the ECool Services as published on the ECool website, which may be modified at any time in ECool's sole discretion.


"Parties" shall collectively refer to ECool and you.


"Suspend" or "Suspension" shall include the disabling of your domain name and the cessation of transmission of data to or from Your Web Site or via Your Services.


"Technical Support" shall refer to communications from us to you dealing with problems or questions relating to technical matters involving software or services provided by us to you.


"Web Site Space" shall mean a quantity of computer memory allocation, as outlined in the program description for Your Services, generally located on one or more computer storage devices and measured in units of megabytes (MBs) wherein data comprising Your Web Site is stored and is accessible by ECool's web server equipment.


"You", "your" and grammatical variants thereof shall mean you, any other entity which has an ownership or other beneficial interest in you, or any other entity in which you have an ownership or other beneficial interest.


"Your Web Site" shall mean data transmittable via the Internet by ECool which is stored in Web Site Space.


"Your Services" shall mean the specific ECool Services for which you have contracted, subject to the limitations and specifications of the particular service effective as of the date of contract and to the fees for that pursuant to the current Fee Schedule.


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